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Doing Business with us

OMV Abu Dhabi GmbH Purchasing Team fully supports partners on complex projects within the UAE. Sustainable and support procurement involves a higher degree of collaboration and engagement between all parties in a supply chain. OMV has adopted a broad interpretation of sustainable procurement and has developed tools and techniques to support this engagement and collaboration with the partner in Abu Dhabi UAE. The Procurement Team forms the interface between internal customers and external suppliers and has the responsibility for optimizing the contract conditions and requirements and leading best in class. For procurement across the group, Corporate Procurement is accountable as a fully integrated corporate function. New contractors wanting to work within Abu Dhabi UAE must adhere to the relevant laws and partner with a local Agent before the contractor’s business is established.

Brian John Wasilciw
Procurement Manager
Middle East & Africa
Tel.: +971 (2) 403 00 34

Downloads & Links
Code of Conduct
General Conditions of Purchase (PDF, 53,4 KB)
Supplier self-registration manual (PDF, 1,5 MB)